bbDemux for Mac

Welcome to the Mac bbDemux. (SourceForge page)

Simple demuxing app to separate an MPEG or VOB file into its component video and audio streams. Useful for working with MPEGs, VCDs, and DVDs.

The tools are written in the c language and use Apple's carbon frameworks.


The latest version (v1.40rc1) supports Mac OS X. An earlier version (v1.31) supported OS 9.

Other releases can be found on the download page at Source Forge.

They have been tested Mac OS X Tiger, PowerPC, and should also run on Leopard. No testing has been done on Leopard or Intel machines, but the aim is to support all the latest versions of Mac OS X.

All the source code is available from the CVS repository hosted at SourceForge.


Just drag and drop MPEG and VOB files on to the application icon, or open the application and drag and drop the files on to the Applications window. Logo Valid HTML 4.01 Strict